The Essentials of Our Work Push Us to Meet Customer Satisfaction

We are a bespoke technology company offering Drone Solutions as a service in the agriculture sector across the African continent. We seek to provide value to smallholder farmers by offering intimate knowledge to improve their livelihoods.

In partnership with Homeland Surveillance and Electronics, a leading provider of Agricultural and Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the United States of America, we empower our smallholder farmers to be proactive and relevant by utilising appropriate drone technologies to mitigate risks and increase productivity.

This is what we do, and we call it Practical Solutions.

We drive Agricultural Performance

Our products enable clients implement precision agricultural technologies in their agricultural environments.
The aim is to support smallholder farmers with new and emerging bespoke and sustainable information and communication technologies in the sub Saharan region by:


Assisting smallholder farmers with the precision agricultural technology know how


Smallholder farmers cut down cost of crop protection application since drone technology utilises less.


Providing training and other educational resources to build capacity


Supporting smallholder farmers in the acquisition of precision based agricultural technology tools

With our strong technology background and our network of agricultural experts, we aim to give farmers access to precision farming techniques.


Climate change is having a major impact on food security and food production needs to double sooner than later. The main resources needed to achieve this goal; land and water are becoming scarcer by the day. As population increases, more food will need to be produced and the threat of food insecurity in the sub-region can easily devolve into instability.

To adapt, agriculture has turned to the use of technological solutions with the goal of optimizing returns on inputs while preserving resources to increase yields and reduce waste. The sustainable use of information and communication technology in agriculture is now an inevitability.

The traditional way of farming in sub-Saharan Africa must give rise to new and improved technologically advanced ways and this is usually accompanied by complex challenges such as

  • Lack of technical know-how
  • Financial capacity to implement these technologies
  • Lack of education in the application of these technologies

Precision Solutions has therefore partnered with institutions like Agri Power Ghana Limited in the digital agricultural transformation. By this partnership, organic fertilizer acquired from Agri Power is applied effectively using drones from Precision Solutions. This comes as a package deal which is cost effective, time saving and accurately applied. Other partnerships such as with AGRA helps expand our reach to over 30,000 small scale farmers on their platform.