Exceptional Reliability

Our drones offer cutting-edge features that enhance the capabilities of drone missions and are created to provide top-notch reliability and ease of use.


Built for the Job

Whether you are looking to use a drone for spraying or monitoring, our drones are unlike anything else in the sky.


Practical Training for Solutions

In bridging the unemployment gap, we train the youth in various communities to pilot drones for agriculture.

Our Impact

No Poverty

We’re ensuring that the smallholder farmers at the last mile have access to cutting-edge drone technology to improve their production, increase yield and improve their livelihood.

Zero Hunger

Our drone technology doubles the yield of smallholder farmers sustainably to meet the hunger requirements of 9.7 billion population growth by 2050.

Gender Equality

Our services to the smallholder farmers is based on first-come-first-serve basis, hence eliminating gender descrimination in the agricultural sector in Africa.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We focus on creating employment at the farming communities through engaging the youth and providing them with a decent job.

What We Do

Precision Solutions is an AgriTech company that uses drone technology to solve challenging problems in the agriculture sector in Africa. Our services include:

Drones for Spraying

We provide drone-spraying services for all crops

Monitoring Drones

We provide monitoring drones that assesses the health of the soil and crops in real-time.

Our Gallery

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